Handling Processing Packaging

Packaging Machine
Flexible Packaging Machine

Vertical Multilane Four Side Seal Packaging Machine

Mohno pump fills liquid product continuously with high weight accuracy, double horizontal seal rollers make reliable seal and MG14 collating machine count. collate sachets to connect to secondary packaging machine of downstream.

Stick Packaging Machine with Auger Filler

The machine is servo motor driven which makes product change easy and fast by enabling pre-set of operation condition such as sachet length, filling weight, filling timing, etc.

Products Sample of Flexible Packaging Machine:

Sample Flexible Packaging

Liquid Filling Machine

Filling, Forming of Aluminium foil cap, Induction Type Sealing Machine

The machine is combined with fillers and electrical-heated sealing machines or is combined with induction sealing machines.

Convection Filling Type Machine

The filler adopts the convection filling type. This filling principle can prevent product form polluting and increase filling speed.

Piston Type Volumetric Filling

The feature of the machine is the piston type volumetric filling, it is suitable for filling high viscosity sauce, it adopts non-touch filling, the process of piston is able to change to adjust the filling volume.

Eight Nozzles Auto Filling Machine

FL serials are volumetric filler, it works with various types and shapes of packages and a wide range of liquid material.

Products Sample of Filling Machine:

Sample Liquid Filling Machine

Tube Filling Machine

Tube Filling and Closing Machine

Machines for the fillinng and closure of politene, laminated or aluminium tubes.

Product Sample of Tube Filling Machine:

Sample Tube Filling Machine

Capsule Filling Machine

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Mechanical device that fills the powders (active ingredients and the mixtures of active ingredients with combinations of different excipients) into hard or soft gelatin capsules.

Product Sample of Capsule Filling Machine:

Sample Capsule Filling Machine

Blister Packaging Machine

High-speed Blister Packing Machine

This machine system serve the packaging a cavity or pocket made from a formable web, usually a thermoformed plastic.

Product Sample of Blister Packaging Machine:

Sample Blister Packaging Machine

Labeling Machine

Twin Side Labeler with Wrap-Around

Manufactured for front and back sides of square, rectangular or oval containers as well as circular ones (wrap around).

Wrap-Around Labeler

Manufactured for round container, round containers as well as circular ones (wrap around).

Top or Bottom Wrap-Around Labeler

KWT-200 Serial are designed for top and/or bottom labeling. All series of labeling machines can be incorporated with a line or operated individually

Products Sample of Labeling Machine:

Sample Labeling Machine

Shrink Sleeving Machine

Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine (Dual Material Unwind)

Two material unwinds providing two materials ,label spliced table is designed for convenience and quick work.

Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine (Single Material Unwind)

Effectively reduce the human cost. It's easy and convenient to replace bottles in different sizes and shapes. Aesthetic exterior design.

Steam Shrink Tunnel

There are tunnels of 1M,2M and 3M which could be chosen from. The width and height of the steam pipe is adjustable by the shrinking position. With release valve and water control valves.

Products Sample of Shrink Sleeving Machine:

Sample Shrink Sleeving Machine

Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Moist Tissue Wrapper for Single Count Package

Fully automatic folding, watering and packaging. Integrated motion sequences from folding, quantitative sprinkling, coding, and wrapping are all fully automatic.

Shrink Packaging Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Shrink film can make your product more attractive, and increase the moisture and dust resistance. Instant bowl noodles, tape, insecticides, aerosol cans, books, CDs, jelly, pudding and other similar products.

Horizontal Flow Wrapper for Biscuit on Edge

Two-step feeding conveyor. Easy to put the product in row. Commonly use in the in-row cookie.

Products Sample of Horizontal Flow Wrapper:

Sample Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Cartoning Machine

Gum Cartoning Machine

Machines with case-packing, bagging and cartoning systems for packaging products such as: candies, chewing gums, gums and sweets in general.

Cartoning Machine with Collating System

A cartoning machine or cartoner is a packaging machine that forms cartons erect, close, folded, side seamed and sealed cartons.

Products Sample of Cartoniong Machine:

Sample Cartoniong Machine

Counting, Grouping, Banding, and Shrink Machine

Automatic Counting, Grouping & Shrink Packaging Machine

Easy to adjust for different sizes packing, simple operation, automatic control, and it can be operated by unexperienced worker to raise production efficiency.

Sachet Packaging, Counting, Collating, and Banding System

Complete packaging system for four side seal sachet packaging, counting, and banding of mainly pharmaceutical granule products.

Products Sample of Counting, Grouping, Banding & Shrink Machine:

Sample Counting, Grouping, Banding & Shrink Machine

Wrap Around and Tray Packaging Machine

Tray Packaging Machine

Human-computer interaction design, semi wrap tray carton packaging operation. The large processing range comprises PVC, PE, PET, PP Bottles, glass bottles, cans and aluminum cans, etc.

Wrap Aroung Packaging Machine

Human-computer interaction design, fully wrap around carton packing and tray packing operation. The large processing range comprises PVC, PE, PET, PP bottles, glass bottles, cans and aluminum cans, etc.

Products Sample of Wrap Around & Tray Packing Machine:

Sample Wrap Around & Tray Packing Machine